A Guide To Creating More Romance in 3 Simple Steps-Free

A Guide To Creating More Romance in 3 Simple Steps-Free


A sought-after presenter and teacher at colleges, sex-positive stores, and events across North America and Canada, Reid Mihalko is known for his charisma, integrity, and emphasis on using humor to make people comfortable talking about sex, intimacy, and relationships. His ability to present information in a comedic and knowledgeable manner is unparalleled.

Reid has been a featured speaker, presenter, and keynote at dozens of conferences on relationships and sexuality. The workshops he’s designed continue to be taught all over the world and have been attended by over 40,000 people. He has been a writer and producer on a number of films and television projects about sex and relationships, and he appears regularly in the media as an expert on subjects ranging from consent to jealousy to sexual confidence and relationship self-esteem.

In this E-Book:

Would you like simple ways to create more romance quickly and easily? Reid shares his top techniques for helping your partner feel loved and appreciated!

The bonus? These techniques are surprisingly simple and powerful, and once you start seeing your partner’s response, they’ll be super easy to remember to do!

It only takes a few minutes a day to create more romance, once you know the secrets… and your partner’s particular ways of feeling cared about. You’ll be surprised how simple it is to tell your partner how much you love them, and have that land, once you know their language.

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How One Spouse Can Lead the Other Back to Intimacy

How One Spouse Can Lead the Other Back to Intimacy

Willard F. Harley, Jr., Ph.D. is best known as author of the internationally best selling book, His Needs, Her Needs: Building An Affair-proof Marriage, here he writes about how one spouse can lead the other back to intimacy.

While demanding and arguing is instinctive in the state of Conflict, one spouse can lead the other back to Intimacy by resisting the Taker’s temptation to fight. It takes two to argue, and if one spouse makes an effort to avoid making demands and judgmental statements, and tries to be thoughtful and meet the other’s needs, the other spouse usually calms down and does the same thing.

Once they see each other’s caring efforts, and rebuild their Love Bank accounts, they re-enter the Intimacy stage. But there’s an irony that trips up some couples. Which spouse do you think is the first to move back into the state of Intimacy: the one who makes the first effort to meet the other’s needs, or the recipient of that effort? You may have guessed it. The recipient of care is usually the first to return to the state of intimacy, and not the one who make the greatest effort to save the relationship.

If you set a good example by meeting your spouse’s needs first, alas, that usually means that your own needs are met last. Your Taker is not pleased with this arrangement, and may try to sabotage it. You will need to make a deliberate and patient effort to override the Taker’s instinct to retreat back to fighting and name-calling. But if you resist that instinct to argue, and instead focus attention on behaving thoughtfully and meeting your spouse’s needs, your spouse will be encouraged to reciprocate.

The Best Sex Writing 2013

The Best Sex Writing 2013

The Best Sex Writing series has has fundamentally changed the way people think—and what they say—about sexuality. Once again, Rachel Kramer Bussel has collected the year’s most challenging and provocative nonfiction articles on this endlessly evocative subject. The essays here comprise a detailed, direct survey of the contemporary American sexual landscape. Major commentators examine the many roles sex plays in our lives in these literate and lively essays. Judged by the Dr. Carol Queen, who is without peer, this stunning collection of sexsmart essays is sure to stir the heart, the brain, as well as other major organs.


Adventurous Couples Guide to Sex Toys (2nd Edition)

Adventurous Couples Guide to Sex Toys (2nd Edition)

With a practical sex-positive approach to pleasure, Violet Blue leads readers through the maze of toys for adults. She explains the many options now available, how to use lubricant to enhance your experiences, care and cleaning, where to find reputable shops—and how to send your sensuality quotient soaring with the right tools to bring you and your partner closer than ever. Nothing says “sexy” like giving a sex toy to your lover.


Got 12 minutes a day?

Got 12 minutes a day?

Want to have sex every day, but you and your partner just don’t have the time?

Think again! If you can find 12 minutes in your day…you CAN have satisfying sex with your partner. Every. Single. Day. Have electrifying sex in new ways with 75 quick and dirty scenarios you can do in 12 minutes or less.

Recent studies suggest that both men and women can reach peak arousal in just 12 minutes—which means you can fit in a little sex-capade while the cupcakes are baking, or the kids are outside playing, or during half-time, or anytime you feel like it! The secret lies in knowing some well-positioned techniques and moves, which is exactly what you’ll find inside the pages of The 12-Minute Sex Solution.


We-Vibe II and III—Let’s Talk Sex


Unique in design, the revolutionary We-Vibe II is the first ever toy that can be used while making love. The innovative design allows for both external and internal stimulation for women engaging in both solo and partner play.

The We-Vibe II is hands free, strap free and wireless. Created from medical grade silicone, the We-Vibe II is soft and conforms to the female shape, making it comfortable and easy to use. Discreet in size and weight, it is ideal for travel and waterproof! It is also rechargeable and boasts powerful dual motors and offers dual vibe stimulation in all the right places for both the man and the woman!

In addition to the original 2 speeds – low speed 3000rpm ultimate gentle purr. High speed – 5000rpm gives ideal climatic stimulation. There are also 7 pulse patterns to choose from! We-Vibe II is easy to use, discreet in shape and easy to wash. The power switch is concealed inside the soft nose of the We-Vibe and the toggle switch is an easy-to-use push button.

The We-Vibe III will come with a higher price tag but it’s remote-control operated and gives you all the benefits of the famous We-Vibe II but with 40% more power.

Setting up and using your We-Vibe III Vibrator is easy. When it’s ready, pop your vibrator out of the case and grab your remote. Turn on the We-Vibe III vibrator by tapping the raised nub at the tip of the vibrator. Keep tapping to switch between purring vibrations, buzzing patterns, and tingling escalation. Use water-based sex lube to get your vibrator all slick, then insert the larger end inside your vagina for G-Spot thrills. The vibrator’s other end will cup your clitoris. Use the handheld remote to change functions. The We-Vibe III’s dual motors put the power right up against your pleasure centers for amazing orgasms! It’s such a good fit, your partner can comfortably slide right in alongside.

Wear your We-Vibe II or III vibrator during sex, solo play, or under clothes for naughty discreet pleasure. And since this version is a truly waterproof vibrator, go where no We-Vibe has gone before – into the shower or bath!

If you’re looking to spice up your love life in a simple yet dramatic way, check out We-Vibe!

Now updated we-vibe-4 is here!