Let’s Talk Men–Prostate Play Isn’t Gay!

I’ve had this catchy title in my head for awhile now and, since I haven’t been able to recruit my male peers to write on this topic… yet, I decided to take it on myself. Men, you can thank me later!

I get questions frequently from heterosexual couples  about our “share” toys shop.passionatesexcompany.com. People basically ask, “What do you do with it?”  I simply answer that you put one side in each of you. People usually say, “Ohhh”, who haven’t thought about or tried this type of play with their partner before. This question always leads me to the next topic: For someone who has never tried anal/prostate play before then perhaps you might consider it? It is a way of opening the door to new possible ways of experiencing pleasure together. With so many nerve endings, the anal region is one of the most erogenous zones of the body! With this being said, you might decide not to start with a share toy, but better yet, work up to it! (Think of it like this, for people who are out of shape, they might be uncomfortable jumping up and going on a 3 mile run! But with that being said, I know someone who won’t run for months and then jump into a marathon, so it really depends on the person!) For most people, I would recommend starting with exploring the area with touch, in a very thoughtful and conscious way where you ask your partner what feels good for him in the anal region. Then, you could try a simple vibe/plug like the ass-vibe to get a feel for playing with the area with vibration and/or during vaginal intercourse. Later, if the male partner finds that he enjoys this stimulation and wants to try some prostate play, then you may decide to explore further by penetrating the area with a finger or a product like  Aneros Peridise Complete Set – 4 piece which gives you 4 devices of various diameters to try at your comfort level.  When you’re ready, you could try a strap-on or a share toy which come in 3 sizes. (FYI, The neologism “pegging” refers to a woman penetrating a man with a strap-on.)

Many men might think, “If I try it, and I like it, then does that mean I’m gay?”  Many men who are sexually attracted to women enjoy anal stimulation/prostate play. Men who explore this area of their bodies are curious about what their bodies are capable of and find that this type of sexual play can be incredibly erotic! In a safe, trusting relationship (with lube of course), it can be a very pleasurable and fun experience for both partners. This is another way for couples to explore their sexuality together and a certified way of mix things up!