The push and the pull

Finding the time, making it work, feeling the passion.

You know when you look in her eyes that she could be your everything. You know what she does for you when you come together in that intimate way that is ever so personal to you and to her. You know that after all these years, she still can do it. But the struggle is there. The resentment, the headache, the negativity, the criticism, the yelling, the crying, the sleepless nights…its all there. Lost inside the push and pull, the ying and the yang, the struggle…lies a deep connection.

I look at you and I want to get lost. I want to be everything to you. I look at you and I wonder how we’ve come here, to this place of despair. How can it be so hard, wow, I feel like Sheryl Crow.

But what if.. what if it was you and I, on an island, without a care in the world, how you would love me then and how I would love you. You would look at me and want me always and I would do the same. We would eat, we would sleep and we would love. This I believe.

Get lost with me on that island. I want you still. Please me, love me and do what you do best. Get lost  with me with shadows behind us and sun on our path. Years gone by and we have it still.


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